Adam Mirza

FAKE RADIOLAB – “Church Radio” Miami Coral Cables

Fake RadioLab is an ongoing collaboration with Akiva Zamcheck. The concept is a live “anti-podcast” that also touches other media genres (YouTube rants, ASMR, self-help, dream sequences, radio plays). The point is to playfully-seriously jar against the (supposed) clarity and authority of contemporary audio production by juxtaposing or distorting various modes of audio narration: virtual/real, live/recorded, natural/synthetic, intimacy/distance.

We use the piece as an intro/opener for different concert programs, as (unreliable) hosts for the new music concert. We work with different musicians and composers at each performance to create a fluid through-composed 45 minute set, sometimes connected via group improvisation. For the performance in Miami we collaborated with composer Jue Wang, and so included an “interview” with her.