Adam Mirza


I am Assistant Professor of Composition and Electronic Music in the Music Department of Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

My compositional approach involves the re-configuration and abstraction of bodily gestures and politically charged or otherwise culturally resonant sonic media. I try to create unique performance spaces through/with my music. I think as much about these new performance contexts as about the ‘sounds themselves.’ I experiment with microphones, live mixing, digital live processing and loudspeakers to situate sounds within a particular space.

My work is influenced by several thinkers and musicians, including Hannah Arendt, Helmut Lachenmann, and members of the NYC new music and experimental jazz scene. I am the founder and co-director of the new music organization Amp New Music.

I have worked closely with several NYC-based ensembles including Loadbang, Mivos String Quartet, JACK Quartet, ArgentoLongleash Piano Trio and the New Thread Saxophone Quartet. In 2013, I was a guest composer at the Zürich Tage für Neue Musik (Zürich New Music Days) for my work Partial Knowledge: Situational Ethics.